San Francisco, CA, based artist-producer Razteria​ multicultural roots (Bolivia/Netherlands) are reflected in her music, as she crosses musical genres with powerful messages in multiple languages. Razteria expects 2018 to be rich with new productions following her training at Crē•8 Music Academy in Los Angeles in early 2018.

In 2018 Razteria has released:

“Baila” a Latin crossover track featuring Honduran/UK artist Rich D Lion.

“D C N” (Despierta Cada Noche), featuring EDY, Rich D Lion & youth from Enseñarte, a non-profit organization based in Bolivia

“Reach”, a sweet love ballad, in two versions, a “for commerce” release under new artist name Renay and “for art” under original name Razteria which features the Venezuelan cuatro played by Jackeline Rago.

“2 Immortal Eyz” (To Immortalize), an alternative single in which she fuses the African harp (Kora) and Bolivian bass pan flutes (Toyos) with electronic elements.

In 2017, Razteria completed an 8-month long international production tour bringing talent from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, USA, France and Switzerland and released a multi-artist Latin EP called “Cruzando Corazones”. The year 2016 was filled with blessings, notably, with the release of Razteria’s fifth album Aventurera​ (March 18, 2016) which received great reviews nationally and internationally. It charted on CMJ New World Music Top 40 and the song Once Again, which Razteria wrote together with rapper Rahman​ ​Jamaal​, won Grand Prize (World Category) in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2016.

Noteworthy performances include MusikFest, Reggae on the River, Montreal Jazz festival, World One Festival, World Fest Los Angeles, Northwest World Reggae Festival, to name a few.


2018 Baila, Asteria Records (drops August 6th, 2018)

2018 D C N (Despierta cada noche) (single), Asteria Records

2018 Reach (double single), Asteria Records

2018   2 Immortal Eyz (single), Asteria Records

2017   CRUZANDO CORAZONES Vol 1 (EP), Asteria Records

2016   AVENTURERA (album), Asteria Records

2016  Aventurera (single), Asteria Records

2016   Change (single), Asteria Records

2015   Little Sister (single), Asteria Records

2015  Exodus (single), Undercover presents

2015   Sun is shining (single), Mujeres que cantan a Bob Marley (album), Spiritual Reggae (Argentina)

2013   MAZ RAZ (album), Asteria Records

2012  Addicted/There is no End (vinyl single/mp3), Asteria Records

2010   RAZTERIA (album), Asteria Records

2007    CARAS DE AGENTE DOBLE E / Faces of Agent Double E (album), Asteria Records

2005   Renée Asteria (debut album), Asteria Records, 2005


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