A Latin reggae band from Bella Vista, province of  Buenos Aires that infuses rock, funk, and jazz into their contagious sound. They have been around for over a decade and have shared the stage with Alika, Don Carlos, Riddim, Fidel Nadal, El Naty Combo, Resistencia Suburbana, Dancing Mood and Mad Professor. “Suerte”, quite simply, is a love song infused with a feeling of gratitude for being alive.

Formed in 2005 by 8 stable musicians, they were originally inspired to make uplifting music to get people to dance. It was through this pursuit that they chose Reggae, and fused with other styles such as jazz, rock, funk, hip hop and more.

Over the years, the Kalimba has been developing their sound, incorporating new musicians, each which color the music in their unique way.  Their versioning of Reggae delves in to different nuances and behaviors, but the influence of Jamaican reggae is very predominant, musically and in the messages of love and struggle. 

Their first album “Kalimba” came out in 2011 and the second “Fluye” in 2013. Both albums were independently produced by Kalimba. The material from both is still relevant as they continue to perform live opening for nationally and internationally recognized acts such as, Alika, Riddim, Fidel Nadal, El Naty Combo, Suburban Resistance, Dancing Mood, Don Carlos and Mad Professor (Jamaica). Their most recent collaboration is with Razteria, a new challenge as the first time they collaborated in the interpretation of material from another artist. They are currently working on a new release and continue to perform live throughout the Buenos Aires province and capital.

Kalimba is Gonzalo Palomeque (guitar and voice), Javier Ribera (keys), Patricio Ricci (drums), Lucas Mayer (bass), Federico Primiterra (guitar), Guillermo Bartolo (trombone, voice), Matias Barrios (saxophone) and Hernán Jiménez (trumpet).