Celeste y las Mil Jarillas

Celeste y las Mil Jarillas is featured on “Todas las Voces” aka “Cancion con Todos” – a Latin American anthem.

Patagonia is world renowned for its vast territory yet the wealth of its music and ancestral culture has not been recognized. The mission of Celeste y las Mil Jarillas* is to rescue and revitalize the austral musical rhythms, and without diluting their strength, bring Patagonian music to every corner of the Earth.

Loncomeo is native dance of the Mapuche people, where men dance in a circle making head movements while Machi (medicine woman of the community) hits the kultrum (a sacred drum, made of a single piece of Lenga wood, with a patch of horse leather). Loncomeo was born through the musical adaptation of this Mapuche ritual.

Celeste y Las Mil Jarillas not only revives the Loncomeo dance, but takes an all original approach to the composition of the music, which is a rarity in Patagonian popular music. The music is performed with great vehemence, characterized by a powerful female voice which brings you to a distant land in another place in time.

Through their music, Celeste y Las Mill Jarillas vow to keep tradition alive and awaken magic in all natural elements. They empower Patagonian culture.

*Jarilla is an evergreen bushy plant native to Patagonia. It is used for has multiple uses including as kindling and has medicinal properties.